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Auto fetch data across mutual funds, stocks, loans, epf and income taxes
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Acquire valuable and practical insights, along with detailed analytics, based on the data.
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Bring together your life and aspirations under one roof and get actionable solutions to achieve them
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Invest in mutual funds without paying any commissions and receive high-quality advice
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Access a comprehensive dashboard that provides a detailed overview of all your investments.

EXHAUSTIVE calculators

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Assumed an ROI of 8% p.a.
Assumed life expectancy of 85 years
Rahul is
years old and wants to buy a home worth ₹
at age
He earns ₹
p.a., and spends ₹
p.a. and has a net worth of ₹
. He wants to retire comfortably at age
Help Rahul buy a home while avoiding bankruptcy in his retirement by changing the inputs.
6 %
Home goal value
1.00 Cr

Our Clients Are Our Best Advocates

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A lot of wealth creation has happened in the US because its advisory led
When the conflict is lesser, then the business is interestd in whats right for the customer and that’s when we spotted GoalTeller. We really liked the idea of setting goals, which is very important and helping people use different products to reach it
Nitin Kamath
CEO, Zerodha
Nitin Kamath, CEO, Zerodha image
I would strongly recommend Goalteller
Their advisors have personally helped me, I have benefitted and GT has also done similar kind of work with a whole lot of folks!
Raghunandan G
Founder, Zolve
Raghunandan G, Founder, Zolve image
GoalTeller's SEBI registration provides an added layer of authenticity to their expert advice, which impressed me greatly along with the platform's thoroughness.
Revolutionizing financial planning with comprehensive advice from a SEBI registered investment advisor. GoalTeller impressed me with their attention to detail and legitimacy in the process. Their platform and guidance have been invaluable in helping me achieve my financial goals.
CA Gaurav Jain
CA Gaurav Jain, undefined image
How GoalTeller helped me take charge of my financial journey?
GoalTeller has been a game changer for me in terms of financial planning and management. As a CFO with experience dealing with multiple financial institutions and advisors, I can confidently say that GoalTeller stands out for its comprehensive and user-friendly platform, expert advisory team, and reasonable pricing.
Amit Jain
Vice President, Toyota Industries Engine India
Amit Jain, Vice President, Toyota Industries Engine India image
Experience personalized and trustworthy financial advice with GoalTeller's investor-first approach.
GoalTeller puts investors first, just like how we prioritize our patients. As someone who's always wary of financial advisors, I can confidently say that GoalTeller's commitment to transparency and integrity sets them apart from the rest. I'm grateful to have found a platform that prioritizes my interests and helps me achieve my financial goals
Dr. Yogesh K Pithwa
Dr. Yogesh K Pithwa, undefined image
GoalTeller: The solution to our investment management needs.
With GoalTeller, we've streamlined our investments, reducing costs and maximizing returns. Plus, we can easily stay on top of our portfolio anytime, anywhere. It's the ultimate tool for financial empowerment.
Rajendra J Hinduja
Ex Promoter ( Gokaldas Exports),MD – Gokaldas Warehousing
Rajendra J Hinduja, Ex Promoter ( Gokaldas Exports),MD – Gokaldas Warehousing image
Take Control of Your Finances and Achieve Your Goals with Goalteller's Expert Financial Planning.
As an entrepreneur and CFO, I've struggled to find comprehensive financial advice that's accessible to everyone. But then I discovered GoalTeller. Their expertise and resources have helped me manage my wealth and finances like a pro. With GoalTeller, I have access to a team of experts who can help me navigate everything from investing to retirement planning, all in one place. I highly recommend giving them a try!
Sharat Khurana
MD - Carta India & Singapore
Sharat Khurana, MD - Carta India & Singapore image
Unlock Your Wealth Potential with Goalteller's Innovative Blend of Expert Advisory Services and user-friendly platform.
When it comes to understanding investment choices, the Goalteller team is unparalleled. Their expert advisors have a knack for clearly highlighting the risks and expected returns associated with each investment option, making it easy to make informed decisions. And with their completely technology-driven platform, transacting with GoalTeller is a breeze.
Usha Archana
Management Consultant
Usha Archana, Management Consultant image
Maximizing my financial potential with GoalTeller's expert guidance
Discovering GoalTeller was a game changer for me in terms of financial planning. As a premium user, I was impressed by the meticulousness of their planning process and their ability to cater to any financial goal, no matter how big or small. I highly recommend Goalteller to anyone looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly financial management platform.
Nishant V Chalasany
Nishant V Chalasany, undefined image

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BASL1578 | CIN: U72200KA2020PTC134859 |
Type of Registration: Non-Individual | Validity of registration: December 18, 2020 - Perpetual | Address: RA 307 Purva Rivera,
Marathahalli Bridge, Munekolala, Bengaluru - 560037, KA

Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before
investing. Registration granted by SEBI,
membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any
assurance of returns to investors