About GoalTeller

We’re building GoalTeller as an one-app solution to manage your investments, savings, goals, insurance policies and more. Make quicker and better financial decisions now and for your future.

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Our Vision for a Future of

Inclusion and Accessibility

Vision of goalteller to empower individual investors

Revolutionizing Finance

To empower individual investors to access the same quality and as exhaustive advise as the largest families across the country have access to, through a healthy mix of technology, discipline and robust tracking.

Our Philosophy

at GoalTeller

Ensure all facets of your financial situation – Investments, Financial Goals, Security and Taxation is taken care of while generating any advise whatsoever

Team behind GoalTeller

Advisory Backed by Industry veterans and Academicians

Vivek Banka
Vivek Banka
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Pankaj Fitkariwala
Pankaj Fitkariwala
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Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta
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Head of Analytics and Product
Arvind Tiwari
Arvind Tiwari
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Technical Head and Solution Architect
Ritesh Joshi
Ritesh Joshi
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Technical Lead

People you can always rely on

Prateek Gupta, Frontend Lead image
Prateek Gupta
Frontend Lead
Adil Haroon, Relationship Manager image
Adil Haroon
Relationship Manager
Rakshith, Head - Digital Sales  image
Head - Digital Sales
Shashank Shekhar, Full Stack Developer image
Shashank Shekhar
Full Stack Developer
Anjana Nambiar, Operations and Analyst image
Anjana Nambiar
Operations and Analyst
Zainab Deshmukh, Sales image
Zainab Deshmukh
Hitabrata Nath, Frontend Developer image
Hitabrata Nath
Frontend Developer
Pushmitha V, Senior QA Engineer image
Pushmitha V
Senior QA Engineer
Madhu K, Admin image
Madhu K
Madhupriya Kumari, Sales, Marketing and Legal image
Madhupriya Kumari
Sales, Marketing and Legal
Abhishek Asthana, Brand Advisor image
Abhishek Asthana
Brand Advisor

GoalTeller receives Prominence in Publications for its

Innovation and Success

GoalTeller got featured in the
The Financial Express

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