Federer and Equities I Nifty at 23,500 I Large Caps fall to 63% of total market
By GoalTeller
June 23, 2024   |   Read Online

 Large Caps are now just 63% of total market cap


  • The Nifty managed to hold on to 23,500 levels and close slightly higher during the week

  • Rupee slid to 83.5 levels against the USD last week

  • Russia launched further strikes against Ukraine today

  • FII’s have been positive lately on Indian equities with inflows

  • We will be cautious on incremental allocations at higher levels especially if the investor is already exposed to equity fairly

  • Nvidia faces an interesting conundrum of employees quitting as their stock valuations skyrocket


 What to do with our STP’s that run for lump sum deployments?

Our Answer:

As we have maintained we remain cautious at current levels and beyond. The reason we haven’t yet generated a STOP trigger is that Nifty continues to hover around 23,500 and once the levels are significantly above that we would recommend the pause.

We don’t want to get caught in a situation where we stop and the market falls which will make it difficult to then invest the same manually. We continue to maintain a close watch and if the Nifty continues to move higher in the coming week, we might suggest a pause in running STP’s that are meant for lump sum deployment.

NOTE – This is for STP’s and we surely don’t recommend any stoppage or pause of SIP’s at all (Our founder’s thoughts in the Business Standard on SIP’s below)

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