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By Team GoalTeller
Chart of the week

Obituary and Chart of the Day (Renowned behavioural nobelist Daniel Kahneman passes away – A man who inspired many and someone we have learnt a lot from)

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman (Book Summary as an Infographic)

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Market recap & outlook
  • The markets managed to hold on to the 22k Nifty levels

  • Do look out for our special FY 24 report during the week

  • Nasdaq and US markets also traded flat and held on to current levels

  • Our view remains the same (Sans any global negative event, markets could touch anywhere between 24k-26k before Diwali this year)

  • Gold continues to do well and remains a great hedge against any global geopolitical turmoil and currency wars that is well expected

Social Media post of the week

Happy Easter

Question of the week

What is System 1 and System 2 in our brains and how will it help me become a better investor?

Dear User,

System 1 as famously described by Daniel Kahneman in his book “Thinking Fast and Slow” is the immediate part of my brain that takes into consideration readily available information and decides basis that which is often emotional and instinctive while

System 2 is a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to a situation that recalls more variables and helps the individual decide which is often more rationale.

At GoalTeller, we believe having an Investment Policy and taking any investment decision in accordance with that policy is the only way to ensure we don’t take rash investment decisions.

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