How to invest post results | Gold looks attractive again post Trump Indictment
By GoalTeller

June 02, 2024   |   Read Online


 NDA and BJP set to sweep the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections!


  • US Markets especially the Nasdaq gave up some gains as technology stocks corrected from all-time highs

  • Indian markets awaiting the Lok Sabha results

  • India brings back Gold stored in the US (Central Banks continue to buy Gold in hordes)

  • We have been shouting that NDA will win and markets should do well (Read our QA below to see different strategies post-election results)

  • With Trump’s conviction we become all the more positive on Gold


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How do I invest considering that NDA comes back to power with a thumping majority as predicted by the exit polls?

Our Answer:
Nifty below 23,000
Go ahead and fill your asset allocation towards equity

Nifty between 23,000-24,000

No trade zone as of now

Nifty above 24k in the coming week

Reduce your allocation to get it back to the desired levels (DON’T STAY UNDER INVESTED)


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