Watches I FII's, Pvt Bks and Reliance I Should you stop your STP
By GoalTeller

June 30, 2024   |   Read Online


 Price of collectible watches continue to soar

Source –Wall Street Journal, alphaideas


  • Finally as we have been saying private banks come to the party and Reliance popping up the index to 24k levels

  • Mid and Small caps after a long while played second fiddle

  • Nasdaq closes in on 18k levels

  • As we cross 24k, there is a possibility Nifty might continue to move higher to our earlier target levels of 25k-26k (Mentioned in our annual note) – However we continue to believe that the current upside could be led by private banks and Reliance which have under participated

  • We at current levels are now wary of individuals putting in new moneys (especially ones who are already fairly invested into equities)

 Shall I stop my STP’s now?

Our Answer:

As the markets come close to 24k Nifty levels, they trade at almost 23 times (Nifty 50) and 26 times (Nifty 500). Though we remain categorically bullish over the next 2-3 years backed by strong tailwinds of demographics, liquidity and reforms, the short term texture looks overdone and hence we recommend a pause of any further STP's for investors who are high on equity i.e. They are close or beyond their equity allocation limits.


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We put in a chart today of private bank ETF that is one good defensive play at this market levels


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