Why Good Financial Advice is Important
By Vivek Banka

A few months ago, financial advisors across the globe had taken bearish positions on the falling post-pandemic market, cautioning investors from deploying into equity markets. GoalTeller published several newsletters and articles sharing that we had taken a bullish position, convinced that the markets would recover quickly. 

In the past few weeks, the headlines have concurred with this hypothesis, and once again value was added to our clients. 

It is not possible to be right always. However, GoalTeller is committed to advise based on facts and research, with the aim to create wealth for our clients and users as consistently as possible. 

"Why good quality advice is important?" 

When in May/June the world was asking to be careful, we at GT had identified 6 reasons for being positive, most of which have played out since 

  • In June 2022, NIFTY was down by 17% from its highs. 

  • Inflation would kill growth. 

  • Post pandemic demand would be reducing 

  • Semi-conductor shortage would hit supply and demand. 

  • Falling energy prices. 

  • War. 

  • Doomsday predictions all around by most “experts” 

And many other such headlines were meted out during May and June of this year when markets had gone below 16000 Nifty levels. Most experts across media platforms were asking investors to wait before deploying into equities. 

Cutting across all the noise, GT released a note (mail & social media) on 15th May (Nifty – 15700 levels) and 11th June on why it was positive about the market. 

May 15th and June 11th posts and articles on LinkedIn were published ( and GT’s weekly newsletter on 6 reasons why GT was bullish on markets and stated factually why each reason of the fall will get sorted through the year. 

It is a matter of great pleasure that the situation has played out picture perfect the way it was envisioned by GT. Surely there will be many times where there may be imperfect short term predictions by GT, however the company will always stick to advising based on facts and research and which most times than not help in creating wealth for the company’s clients and users. 

At current scenario in July 2022 narrative has changed 

  • Inflation should dip 

  • Semiconductor worries abate 

  • Higher earnings 

  • Equities have bounced by more than 10% during this period of 3 months 

GT continues to be positive though there could be short term gyrations as the world continues to be uncertain geopolitically. Most importantly, declutter the bombardment of news. The markets cannot be timed so it is best to stick to our own plan as no one else knows our situation as you do. 


Why GoalTeller? 

GT could still sometimes be wrong but our organisation always uses data and research to advise anything. GT has always stayed away from Crypto since the last 12 months, unlisted equities and most exotics. 

Stick to Simple, Disciplined and Intelligent investing backed by research 

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