Don't miss the woods for the trees
By Vivek Banka

In GoalTeller's earlier insights, we mentioned how at GT we had categorically explained why we were positive on the equity markets in June 2022 we post our this week's insights i.e. DONT MISS THE WOODS FOR THE TREES

Our data shows that the average return if you invest your money between a 10% market decline or a 25% market decline or even 30% is not much, but waiting for a larger fall deprives you of many many opportunities to invest. The opportunities of a 10% fall are significantly higher ( by 3x) than if you wait for a 30% fall

So stick to your asset allocation and invest ( as long as you are positive about the medium - long term prospects of that economy) #data #opportunities #recovery #bullmarket #financialplanning #money #economy #markets #inflation

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